A Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers   

Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers in St Louis MO

When it’s time to buy your next home, you’ll want to be fully equipped with the proper knowledge and guidelines regarding your home inspection. Here are things that should be part of your checklist.  

Hire an Inspector
Once you find a suitable home, it is vital to hire a home inspector to help you do the job. This is a necessary requirement for a successful home inspection you can trust. Inspectors that have adequate skill, experience, and expertise in the field can help you receive a thorough home inspection report you can count on.  

Understand the Contract
It is imperative to read and understand the home inspection fine print before you proceed with the task. Ask your home inspector for the contract and be sure you’re comfortable with every item. If you have any questions about the contractual terms, seek clarification from the home inspector first.  

Come Prepared
You never know the nature of the property you’re going to have inspected. That’s why you need to come prepared with comfortable clothes and shoes for flexibility purposes because you might need to access small, dark, and dirty areas with your inspector. When you dress for the job, you can follow the inspector anywhere on the property. This allows you to obtain more information along the way.  

Take Notes
During the inspection, you might come across various items that need to be repaired by the seller. That is why you should take notes during the inspection and follow up later as you seek clarification. These notes can be helpful in which to refer back.  

Review the Home Inspection Report
Once you receive the home inspection report back from your inspector, take time and analyze it before proceeding with the purchase process. If the home needs repairs, keep a close eye on the repair schedules and ensure you only continue with the deal once everything is streamlined.  

Final Thoughts
Making sure you’re equipped with the above checklist can make the home inspection process seamless. Be careful with the report and be sure to highlight any grey areas that need clarification to discuss further with your home inspector.  

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